New Trailer 2017

It’s been a while since my last update, although I haven’t stopped develop the game since then I had to reconcile the time between doing my paid work (to support me) and develop the game.
Well, now I’m saying that the game is really close to the release date for early access!

New menus

Finally I took that old sketch of the menus out, now is just walking through this new menu and relax.

Sword of Fireheart new Menu style

Adventurer’s Log

New Adventurer’s Log should facilitate the adventurous life 🙂

SoFh Adventurer's Log

Dodge has never been so helpful!

Testing the usefulness of this elusive, it seems that worked 😛

SOFH - Dodge testing

Transition between maps

Added a slight change in the color palette, this will help the next system that will be day-night cycle.

SOFH - Transition between maps

SOFH - Transition between maps